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Who Are We?

MAILONG is a professional Industrial hinges designer, manufacturer, and distributor, specializing in complete product development and creating original products for new markets. With more than 12 years of experience, our products are widely used in cabinets, machine tools, testing equipment, special vehicles, food machinery, construction machinery, and other fields

Factory History:

Since 2009:

start manufacturing with the original name MAILONG.


Confirm that the company’s main products are Heavy Duty Hinges, Cold Room Door Hinges, Detachable Hinges, Concealed Hinges, to serve customers in a more segmented field.


Factory established with the name Mailong Industrial Technology Co., Ltd.


Established the stamping business department, and started a larger and more standardized production of tension latches,Improve our customization capabilities


The foundry division was established. The new production process improved the performance and scope of the product to meet the needs of more professional and special customers.


Deeply plow the field of Heavy Duty Hinges.

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